In Vessel Volume Graph

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As steps are added, the mash schedule graph becomes active. The horizontal axis of the graph illustrates duration, or elapsed time. The vertical axis shows temperature, volume or both.


It is important to realize that the "In Vessel" column, which appears on the 'Schedule' display, represents the volume of only one vessel at a time, but the referenced vessel varies depending upon which line of the schedule it appears on; specifically, during the mash and prior to a step which 'transfers' or 'separates' a portion of the mash or liquor, the "In Vessel" column refers to the total volume occupied by the mash in the mashtun -- including both the volume of water added and the volume of the grain. When a portion is transferred (such as for a decoction) or is separated (such as lautering and sparging), then on that particular line the "In Vessel" refers to the volume of that new vessel, e.g., the kettle.

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