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BeerTools Pro is a downloadable application unlocked for use by using a license key. When BeerTools Pro is purchased, a unique license key is generated for the customer that can be used in conjunction with the customer name and email address to unlock BeerTools Pro after installation. Since the license key is connected with a specific name and email address, these must be typed in accurately when registering or unlocking the software. If the name or email address has just one character different from the ones used when placing the BeerTools Pro order, the software will not allow the license key to unlock the software.

The license key is a series of characters usually divided into four (4) character chunks separated by hyphens. To avoid confusion, the numbers one (1) and zero (0) are not used in generated keys, because of their similarity with the letters "I" and "O". License keys for BeerTools Pro can sometimes expire in that they will only unlock BeerTools Pro for a limited period of time. Once BeerTools Pro is unlocked, the license key is no longer needed. Even if the license key itself expires, BeerTools Pro will remain unlocked.

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Registration Window

name of the software licensee
email address of the software licensee
License key
license key linked with the name and email

The name and email address must be exactly the same as those used when the license key was generated in order to cause the Register button to activate.

Registration window‎

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