Natural Conditioning

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Natural conditioning is achieved using a fermentable priming agent such as corn sugar to boost CO2 production while the beer is stored in the bottle.

To calculate how much priming agent is needed, enter its temperature immediately prior to bottling. Avoid sloshing the beer during bottling so the dissolved CO2 is not released. The Priming Agent Rate is the mass of priming agent required to produce 1 liter of CO2 when metabolized by yeast. Several common rates are included in the rightmost menu. If you know the desired CO2 level for the style being brewed, enter this number in the Volumes CO2 field. The required mass of priming agent is adjusted accordingly. If you know how much priming agent a recipe calls for, enter this number in the Priming Agent Mass field and the result CO2 level will be calculated.

Lock the Volumes CO2 to prevent them from changing when entering other values.




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