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Vessels are brewing vessels such as a kettle, mash tun, and cooler.


The various fields in the "Vessel" editor are used for the following purposes:
Name of the vessel
useful to mention anything special about this vessel.
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Add content here
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Dead Space
This is the volume that cannot be drained from the vessel. While in the vessel, the deadspace volume is used in the calculations - including thickness.
Heat Capacity
Add content here
Heat Transfer Coefficient
Add content here
Add content here
Infusion Vol
Add content here
Temp. After 5 Minutes
Add content here
Temp. After 5 Minutes
Add content here


Here are the basic steps:

  1. Heat a specific volume of water (measure accurately) in a separate vessel to a temperature in the range normally used for mashing (140-160F or 60-70C)
  2. Pour the water into the vessel to be tested.
  3. Check the temperature after 5 minutes in the test vessel.
  4. Check again after 65 minutes. This measurement determines the vessels heat loss.

Use volumes and temperatures closest to those that you use in your mashing process to achieve more accurate simulation. Enter the measurements in the vessel editor window and the vessel heat capacity will be calculated and inserted for you.

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