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The water chemistry tools in BTP are helpful in matching your water to other water profiles. To access the water chemistry calculator select from menu item 'Session' and 'Water Chemistry'. The 'Water Chemistry' window opens up.

The first thing you will need to do is enter your current water profile into the calculator. There are hundreds of bottled and public water profiles already in the water profile database. Navigate to the desired water profile and click 'Add'.

If your water profile is not found in the list then click the 'New' button. You will need to name the profile fill out the various fields completely for the water calculator to be of any use. If you do not know your water profile, many local water companies will give you the required information upon request. When you are done selecting a profile or adding to the database, click 'Close'.

Once you have your water profile loaded into the calculator you will need to specify the quantity of the water in your recipe, do this by clicking the up arrow or entering a number in the upper left most field in the 'Water Calculator' window.

Next you will need to indicate what water profile you wish to match your water to. Select the 'Browse' button AT THE BOTTOM of the menu (near the colored graph). Navigate to the desired profile and select 'Apply'. You will notice a series of diamonds in the graph. These indicate if the corresponding value of your water is either to high or to low.

To make adjustments to your water you will need to add various 'Mineral Salts' to your water (prior to brewing). This is done by selecting 'Browse' in the upper portion of the water calculator window. select 'Mineral Salts' select the desired mineral salt and select 'Add'. When you are done selecting mineral salt or adding to the database, click 'Close'.

When you are done matching the profiles click 'Done'.

Water Profile Editor

The water profile editor is split into two main sections:

  • The ingredient list
  • The comparison graph

The Ingredient List

The ingredient list works similarly to the ingredient list in the main session window. There are two main types of ingredients that are used in the water chemistry editor: water and mineral salts. The list displays the ion data contributed by each ingredient.

The Comparison Graph

The comparison graph provides a visual representation of how the brewing liquor compares to a known water profile. Each diamond in the graph shows if the brewing water is above, below or equal to the target profile.

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