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The various fields in the "Separation" edit box are used for the following purposes:
name to identify the step in the schedule list
a space to insert helpful information and reminders to the author or others brewing the recipe
Collection Vessel
the vessel used to collect the runoff from the sparge
Sparge Name
name to identify the sparge procedure in the schedule list
Sparge Volume
volume of water added during each sparge procedure
Sparge Runoff
runoff collected from each sparge procedure
Sparge Residual
remaining volume available for runoff at the end of each sparge procedure (does not include volume absorbed by grist)
Sparge Infusion Rate
rate of water volume to mass of grist for each sparge procedure
Sparge Temperature
temperature of the water added in each sparge procedure
Sparge Duration
length of time to complete each sparge procedure
Total Runoff
total runoff collected from all sparge procedures
total volume available for runoff upon completing all sparge procedures (does not include volume absorbed by grist)
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