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The infusion is the addition of a volume of water to the mash. Typically an infusion is used to raise the mash temperature. Infusions have an advantage in that they raise the temperature of the mash quickly, and can be used when mashing in vessels that cannot be heated directly such as picnic coolers.

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Name to identify the step in the schedule list.
A space to insert helpful information and reminders to the author or others brewing the recipe.
Target Temp
Temperature that the mash should be when the infusion has been added and the mash has equalized.
Infusion Rate
Volume of water per unit mass of grain in the grist for the infusion (this does not include previous infusions).
Water Volume
Total water volume added by the infusion.
Water Temp
Temperature of the infusion water.
The expected length of time for the mash to reach thermal equilibrium (no hot spots).


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