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The Mash in is the step where the grain bill is combined with the brewing liquor. The mixture is the mash. The brewing liquor is heated to a temperature that will equalize at the desired first rest temperature when combined with the grain.

Important Note: If you are not heating your mashtun directly, you must select equipment from "Heating Vessel" AND "Mash Vessel" dropdowns. If you select a heating vessel then BTP assumes that the water is heated and then added to the mash vessel. If no heating vessel is selected, then BTP assumes that the water is heated in the mash vessel.

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The various fields in the "Mash In" edit box are used for the following purposes:
though you can label this what you want, calling it the "Mash In" will help others who use your recipe to understand that this is the first water addition to your grist.
useful to mention anything special about this step for this particular recipe, etc.
Mash Vessel
this field is selected via a drop-down menu which lists the various "vessels" you have created in the "Vessels" display; you should select your mashtun which you are using, and it should be calibrated (done via the edit vessel screen).
Heating Vessel
when using a mash vessel that cannot be heated directly, this should be set to the vessel that will be used to heat the strike water prior to adding it to the mash vessel
Heat Source
The burner or device used to apply heat to the vessel.
Target Temp
the temperature that you want your mash to reach as soon as the temperature has equalized throughout your mash.
Grist Temp
the temperature of your dry grains before adding your strike water.
Infusion rate
the ratio of water to grist for your mash at this particular stage in your schedule; it will determine the initial thickness of your mash.
Liquor Volume
the amount of strike water you will add for this particular infusion; BTP will calculate this value for you based your amount of grist and the "Infusion Rate" you have selected.
Strike Temp
the temperature of the water you will initially add at this stage of the schedule; BTP will calculate this value based upon your target temp, grist temp, and the calibration data for the particular mash vessel you have selected.
the amount of time that it typically takes for the temperature to reach the same level throughout your mash; this value is not calculated by BTP, but rather is entered by the user based on brewing experience with your equipment; most brewers stir their mash at mashin to achieve a uniform thickness of mash and eliminate any doughballs, as well as to help evenly distribute heat in the mash.
Heat Output
Used to represent the dial on the heat source. If the dial is turned up half-way, the Heat Output should be set to 50%. This value is approximate and may not accurately correspond with the heat source dial calibration.
Heat Duration
Length of time the strike water is heated.

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